My class today
Me: So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl's hair...
Students: He likes her!
Me: Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
Students: That is just how boys are.
Me: Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and--
Students: Oh, that's not okay.
Me: Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children's lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
Students: Oh.
Me: Oh, is right.


(during a munchkin game, the thief keeps stealing items from other players)

Priest: Why do you keep stealing stuff you can’t even USE for your class?!

Thief: I do not steal for me, I simply steal so you cannot have it. *manic giggling* It gives me great pleasure.

My brother did this with a side of “I have items that can give you +2, or the monster +2. Let me help for all of the treasure or I will start hindering you.”

He got ganged up on very quickly when he hit level 9.

cute ass flower questions
Daisy: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
Jasmine: What color looks best on you?
Foxglove: Name three facts about your family.
Allium: What's the best thing you can cook?
Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?
Calla Lily: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
Poinsettia: Favorite holiday dish?
Oxlip: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?
Primrose: Favorite kind of soup?
Daffodil: What's the most thoughtful present you've ever received?
Rose: Are you currently in love with someone?
Amsonia: Would you ever become a vegan?
Peony: What's your favorite hot beverage?
Tulip: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?
Myrtle: Do you like going on airplanes?
Hibiscus: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?
Zinnia: Who was your best friend when you were six years old?
Poppy: What color was your childhood home?
Hydrangea: Starbucks order?
Violet: Do you like where you're from?
Locust: What was your favorite book as a child?
Rhododendron: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
Queen Anne's Lace: Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?
Magnolia: Favorite kind of candy?
Aster: Would you rather be cold or hot?
Marigold: Do you listen to what's on the radio?
Heliconia: Do you like when it rains?
Azalea: What's a movie you cried while watching?
Dandelion: Do you think you're important?


if i as a retail worker have to work with a dozen cameras pointed at me to deter me from stealing $10, cops should have to work with a camera pointed at them to deter them from arbitrarily maiming and killing people

News broke yesterday that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence had been “leaked” online. The truth is they were stolen. They were hacked from her personal technology. They were posted online without her consent. This is a crime. And possibly worst of all, this is something women are supposed to expect… We live in a society where women’s bodies are a commodity to be sold, whether they agree to it or not. And some of the same people who complain about the NSA or Facebook invading their personal privacy will be the same people searching and spreading around these photos.
"We sell overly sexualised covers for our female heroes because it's what people want to buy." Really? That's your conceit? Because that's the same thing drug dealers and gun stores use. "People want to buy it, let's sell it." Sometimes, Tom, you have to sit and think about what you're releasing. Decency over money? That too difficult for you?







I think that there’s a world of difference between producing art and selling drugs or guns.

And you don’t have to like all art. That’s kinda the buy-in. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have validity or shouldn’t be made.

I think anybody who doesn’t like that particular cover is completely entitled to their opinion. And they’re under no obligation to purchase or support it.

Everything else, though, starts to sound like a slippery slope of censorship to me, and so I recoil from it on principle.

Saying that sexism sells is not a good excuse for that cover.  It’s actually more offensive than the cover itself.  Because it shows a lack of understanding of how serious sexism is, and how it impacts women in real life.

So far we women have been told that Captain America isn’t for us, and now Spider-woman isn’t for us.  What books are?

unless I was mistaken, I thought that the push for more titles led by women was to appeal to the growing female demographic of comic readers.

I guess I was mistaken after all.

I just love how the Business 101-level idea of ‘not repulsing the demographic your product is aimed at’ is automatically seen as the SLIPPERY SLOPE OF CENSORSHIP!!!

you know, there comes a point when every single complaint from the female readership is met with the accusations of CENSORSHIP!!!!!, when you have to wonder if Marvel is doing this on purpose. Because it seems pretty disingenuous to claim to want to expand the demographic and ask for feedback, while simultaneously rejecting that same feedback, and specifically rejecting that feedback in such a way that paints the entire demographic as hysterical and beyond the pale. 

"because it’s what people want to buy"

what further evidence do i need that these assholes just, at a basic and fundamental level, dont consider women a) people and b) customers worth keeping? if you’re limiting your understanding of your only viable fanbase (and primary consumers) to horny misogynists, then i have to believe you’re doing it willfully. and that willful ignorance comes from deeply, at your core, believing that we—women who are being objectified, sexualized, and silenced—don’t matter.

it’s not censorship to demand you and your writers and artists do better by a customer demographic that is, contrary to your apparent belief, substantial. it’s not censorship to push your writers and artists to be more imaginative, to be more creative, to view women as more than just window dressing or figures meant for the masturbatory pleasure of mouth breather perverts. “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it,” is such a massive cop out and indicator of your own innate biases and childishness that i can’t even fathom how you can, in good conscience, use it as an argument here.

there’s a reason my pull list has dwindled to a few titles that don’t treat females as decoration or canon fodder. smh.

I’d actually like some numbers about how well comic book covers with sexualized women actually sell, because everyone throws it around like it’s common knowledge but I’ve yet to ever see statistics on this. Especially since I know for sure they’re alienating a substantial number of their readers. 




Female privilege is getting to claim a headache to avoid sex.

Female oppression is having to claim physical illness to avoid sex because men won’t take a simple fucking “no” for an answer.

Female oppression is men being so entitled that they think being denied sex is oppressive.



why’d we have to color so much in school.  it didnt teach us anything.  is “staying in the lines” a subconscious metaphor for not revolting against the bourgeoisie

Not sure if this post is serious or not but I keep seeing this attitude so I’ll bite.

The reason your teachers insist you colour within the lines is because it develops your hand-eye-co-ordination and motor control and provides a definite and measurable bar for whether you’re succeeding in said development.

Poor motor control can indicate a number of learning disabilities and those are best spotted as early as possible.